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Alistair Clarke Coaching Lesson 28

By Gary Kellett

Mar 10

​Email Structure (P.A.S.T.O.R.S) & Email Example

Email Subject Headline:

Anxiety Ruining Your Life?

Email Body

P (Person, Problem, Pain)

When you have anxiety, you suffer.

You don’t have energy. You feel like you’re always worried, ‘on edge’ and something is about to happen to you.

There’s no peace in your life.

A (Amplify)

Other people don’t understand. Maybe even label you a hypochondriac.

You begin to feel like your life is out of control. Drowning in drugs, living in a fog, with no relief in sight.

S (Story, Struggle, Solution)

I know this pain is real, and I know this constant worrying is real.

There is a way to restore your health, without drugs, without surgeries, and without any weird stuff.

Instead of seeing doctor after doctor, suffering at the hands of many physicians, while they chase numbers..

Instead of doctor visits where you feel like they’re not listening to you at all it’s possible to take back your health and live your best life.

T (Testimony, Transformation)

I’ve helped many people get their thoughts back in control, and their mind and body back in working order.

I’ve helped many people get their lives back feeling calm and confident.

Let’s find out if I can help you.

Because I understand your suffering.

O (Offer)

And it doesn’t have to go on.

R (Request response)

Click here to see a video that explains how I can help.


Gary Kellett

Mind Set Coach & Hypnotist


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