Platinum Golf Mindset Programme-10 Break Through Sessions

By Gary Kellett

Platinum Golf Mindset Programme-10 Break Through Sessions


“Warning don’t read this unless you’re frustrated as hell with your inner golf game and know you’re getting in your own way..”

Bobby Jones once said, “Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course – the distance between your ears.”

Understanding the stories we tell ourselves, the realities we distort, and the meanings we tack onto our golf games can help us play both games together, the one between our ears and the one in play on the course.

It’s nothing new or original to say that golf is played one stoke at a time, but if it’s so easy why can’t you do this?

If you you want to “Unlock The Power To Your Mind To Quickly Feel Relaxed, Calm And Confident As You Automatically Tap Into Your Winning Near Unstoppable Inner Golf Game”, then this is going to be the most important information you’re ever going to read to help rescue your inner golf game….

Here’s why:-

This is Steve, he starts to think the following things during those warm-ups before he teeing off.

“Oh shit, there’s Out-Of-Bounds on the right”

“I can’t start with a double”

Thoughts start flying around like a bat out of hell..

“I’m out of control!”

“Don’t slice it right, hit it straight, just hit the fairway!”

“Please go straight”

Feeling tense and holding onto the club tight ‘with a death grip’ and twitching, Steve tops his tee shot.

In a weak, half-hearted voice whipering inside his mind, “Right, come on we can still get a par – don’t miss, don’t leave it short”

“Don’t bogie the first”

Approaching  the green..

“I wish I’d gone on the putting green”

“Don’t leave it short”

Steve knocks it 6 feet passed.

Steve is tearing his hair out, because “he thought is should have gone in”!

“Shit.. a Double bogey..!”

“I gonna need to make some birdies to catch up”

“Whose watching me?”

“OMG..My face is boiling hot, that’s embarrassing..”

Stomach spinning like a washing machine, feeling the heart thumping in the chest…

Breathing is racing away like a stream train running away down hill, I’m struggling to catch my breath… feeling light headed..

“I’m choking..”

“I NEED to focus more”

“I hate this game”

“I need a new driver and putter”

“I need to change my swing, it’s gotta be my technique at fault, again!”

Working with technically proficient golfers like you, I’ve designed this specific one-to-one programme to be a simple and easy use to create a golf mindset that will help you eliminate these common mistakes that even seasoned professional golfers make.

So that you can enjoy this game and play the way you feel you are capable of playing.

If you want to ‘soar to the top of your game’ using a new mindset that uncovers the winning, inner golfer in you then

this programme gives you simple, easy and practical mental game mindset to eliminate almost all devastating pitfalls that ruin rounds.

Discover how to conquer your fears and:

  • Why you need to eliminate confusing swing thoughts
  • How to Handle stress under pressure
  • The one thing you need to do to Hit in front of a crowd and have fun
  • When you use this ‘simple idea’ you Overcome first tee jitters quickly
  • How to have a soft focus and eliminate distractions
  • Enjoy playing golf with strangers  
  • What you need to Hit over water and avoid dropping a shot
  • How to fully commit to your shot and feel amazing
  • Play well when rushed by the group behind
  • What you need to do to release tension
  • Walk onto the greens and putt with total confidence
  • How to reset and recover fast from mid-round tailspins
  • Missing the Putting Line? The secret of good putting is to make sure that your mind can accurately visualize the line between the hole and the ball-Discover how to do this with ease!
  • Discover how to use this simple idea so you No longer need ‘swing thoughts’
  • What you need to Focus on to eliminate annoying distractions
  • Stop second guessing and learn how to ‘step into the zone’, even seasoned professional golfers screw this up
  • Why “Trying Hard” is the wrong way to get into the right state of mind. Done correctly This requires No effort.
  • How to finally “get out of your own way” and stop sabotaging your golf game.

But the feeling of helplessness isn’t limited to extreme mis-hits like the shank-it’s there whenever we don’t realize our intentions, whenever our picture of what we want our bodies to do fails to materialize.

We make up stories about it to gain an illusory sense of control:

“I knew I was ‘off’ at the top of the swing-I should have stepped away,”

 “I didn’t feel right standing over that putt,”

“I hurried up my swing….I have to slow down,”

 “I held on and didn’t release the club like I should have.”

All of these “shoulds” and self-observations may be correct, but they’re usually either irrelevant or wrong.

The fact remains that we usually don’t know why we hit a bad shot.

I GUARANTEE that if you reduce your playing mistakes by just twenty percent you can lower you typical scores by at least five shots per round.



Read on.

I’ll do it without changing a single thing with your swing, you can significantly improve your scoring with your thoughts and mindset.


Simple…by helping you Unlock The Power To Your Mind To Feel Relaxed, Calm And Confident As You Automatically Tap Into Your Winning Near Unstoppable Inner Golf Game

On any given shot, there are so many things that can go wrong–mechanically, physically, rhythmically, mentally, emotionally, and tactically.

In fact, there seems to be a least ten times as many things that can go wrong than can go right!

No wonder you’re feeling frustrated and angry with yourself!

Think about it, what is the first thing you remember about the most current round?


You think about the number of “shots left out on the course,” the big blunders, the missed opportunities, the dumb choices, and even the outright chokes.

ALL Golfers make mistakes at least two times their index number!

So if your current index is 12, you will make over two dozen little mistakes per round!

Having control of your thoughts, mindset and how you feel, and using it properly can separate you from the competition by a country mile, whether it’s at your club on the European or PGA Tour!

Focus on a target greatly improves the prospect that the ball will go to it.

The more you’re consumed with your target, the more your instincts and ‘subconscious mind’ will help you find it.

It’s as if you have an automatic guidance system, like a ‘laser targeted heat-seeking missile’.

When you’re playing badly, you need the discipline to control your thoughts and ‘think only about the way you want to play’.

Staying in the present is perhaps the simplest sayings.

Yet it’s one of the most difficult to practice and most people screw it up!

Some golfers are even unconsciously programmed to self sabbotage their round over and over again!

If your mind is truly in the present, you don’t evaluate how you’re playing, because that would mean you’re thinking about the past.

You don’t judge or critique yout inner golf game for the same reason.

If your mind is truly in the present, you don’t play “tight and scared.”

You don’t get overly excited or discouraged on the golf course.

Excitement suggests that you’re thinking about the outcome of the round.

Discouragement would suggest that you’re both mired in the past mistakes you’ve made and have anticipatory anxiety and become worried about the final result.

You don’t pay attention to how others in the field are playing, and if you happen to see a leader board, it means almost nothing to you.

Thinking about how others are playing is another form of thinking about the future, because the only reason you could care about how they’re playing is a premature interest in how the tournament will end–the result.

Winning Golfers who unconsciously stay in the present moment, just keep playing the shot at hand until they run out of holes.

Then they add it up.

Rock solid, confident golfers think about what they want to happen on the course and visulaize “A Success Movie In Their Mind”.

Golfers who lack confidence think about the things they don’t want to happen fear and create a “Disaster Movie In Their Mind”.

That’s all confidence is.

It’s certainly not arrogance.

It’s certainly not experience.

It’s simply thinking about the things you want to happen on the golf course and allow them to happen unconsciously and automtically.

You must be decisive, committed and clear.

Trust is a MUST.

If you suffer from performance anxiety, nerves or butterflies, then the only time butterflies become harmful is when we let our fear of them control us.

If you panic at the onset of butterflies, you can set off a very strong physical reaction in your body, called the ‘fight-freeze-flight response’.

It causes a gush of hormones that can turn the butterflies into demons and your body into a trembling mess.

Discover how to learn to love the butterflies, or at least to handle them.

Recognise that the physical sensations you feel are caused by adrenaline, which is a natural product of your body, a friend that will help you play better if you keep your mind clear.

Commit to the target and execute your routine.

‘The fight-freeze-flight response’ needn’t consume you any longer.

In golf, we’re not fleeing and we’re not going to hit anybody.

Discover how to “Unlock The Power To Your Mind To Quickly Feel Relaxed, Calm And Confident As You Automatically Tap Into Your Winning Near Unstoppable Inner Golf Game”

Get started now on this new golf mindset programme and finally get yourself the results you deserve..

Programme Content Customised To You (Depending on your golfing level and what’s holding you back):

  • 10 Private one-to-one breakthrough sessions (1 hour duration each)
  • Depending upon your needs you can choose the sessions to be completed at my coaching clinic in the UK, online via Skype or telephone call
  • A video recording of the online Skype coaching calls for you to watch over and over again at your leisure
  • I’ll create a powerful hypnosis audio recording especially scripted with you for the part of your game that’s ruining your round.