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Gary Kellett Coach and Hypnotist

Gary Kellett Coach and Hypnotist

Do you want to quickly 'unlock the power of your mind' and automatically easily do the things you feel frustrated with?

Rhys Enoch Professional Golfer


I have worked with Gary for 8 years now and have no doubt how his simple techniques have transformed my thinking on the course and allowed me to be confident and as good as I can be. Becoming the Cape Town open champion 2018 and making my first cut at the 147th British Open Golf at Carnoustie in 2018.

Thanks Gary!

Rhys Enoch.

Professional Golfer

Steve Chillingworth Office Worker

Panic Attacks & Anxiety

I'd like to thank Gary personally for his help over the last few years but more so over the last 12months.

I've worked directly with him whilst dealing with severe anxiety/panic attacks & other fears.

We had regular Skype sessions for hypnosis sessions, counselling sessions & other general conversation about the topics that could help and treat the issues I was severely suffering from.

Earlier this year I struggled to walk into a supermarket or be more than 50m away from my car, or even undertake certain activities without having a drink for some dutch courage to settle the nerves.

I was in a dark place and a place I couldn't find my way out through this summer (2018).

Through a combination of Gary's help, me getting sober and kicking the booze and other lifestyle changes I can now say I'm the best I've ever been. I'm in good shape, fit & healthy and I'm now able to enjoy quality time with my family that I couldn't before.

Gary has helped me dramatically look at things differently and has helped me remove the barriers that were in my way before.

It's been a rollercoaster of a year for this reasons with a few up and down periods but for the last 5 months I've been the best I've been in over 10 years. I'd recommend the hypnosis therapy sessions to others to overcome any type of fear or what ever is holding them back from realising their full potential. It's genuinely helped and changed my life and I'll forever be grateful for working closely with Gary through 2018.

Steve Chillingworth

James Brown

Interview Confidence Testimonial

I came to see Gary Kellett to help with confidence at a job interview, after seeing Gary I got the job. It’s been an AMAZING journey, within 18 months I was employee of the year in my dream job!

Pat Walton Retired

Driving Fear & Anxiety

I can't believe I've gone from having to sit behind the driver with my stomach churning, wringing my hands, with my eyes mostly closed - to sitting in the front passenger seat looking out of the window totally relaxed. It is such a wonderful feeling.

Obviously Paul is also very happy (both for me & for him) as it was quite a traumatic experience having a passenger constantly in a state of panic.

My confidence has been restored & I am now able to drive myself around locally. This gives me back my freedom & reduces my dependency on Paul.

One day I'll just jump in the car & won't give it a second thought. At present, I'm too impressed with myself & just feel elated!

Two other things have followed on from my sessions with you. My breathing & my sleeping.

For several years I have been unable to take deep breaths & felt I was only using the top of my lungs. That's changed & I realised this on my journey home after my last session with you.

My sleeping pattern has also changed. I now sleep right through the night instead of constantly waking up.

I had assumed both these related to the ageing process - seems not.

I can't thank you enough for all you have done to enable me to complete this journey. I wasn't sure how far we'd get in the sessions as I'd been getting worse over several years, so I thought it may take a long time to achieve success. It says a lot about your expertise & professionalism that we achieved success in just 6 sessions! Especially as you got me into the front seat after only one session! (Paul was very impressed with that.)

I told you that one day I would like to get in the car & drive to Scotland. We have too much on this year to go but when I do, I'll send you a postcard!!



David Storey Retired Teacher

Suffering From Stroke 2011

I had a stroke in 2011 6 years ago and after intensive physiotherapy whilst admitted in hospital and 89 sessions as an outpatient I was discharged from physiotherapy because they had done all they could for me the rest was up to me.

I was able to walk clumsily with a stick but my left hand was clenched tight and not useable.

What should I do?

Take no action and just hope things would get better for me?


Do some research and find something that would help me?

Well, I decided to do some research and find something that would help was more like me.

I searched the internet and found six case studies where hypnotherapy had helped recovery.

I had witnessed the power of hypnosis when my mother was hypnotised so I then searched for a hypnotist and found Gary.

I have been receiving treatment from him weekly and much progress has been made, I have achieved the following:


Holidays to France and Turkey planning for the USA next year and sourced some kit to start angling next year

'My left hand now opens fully', although I have not got full control of it yet.

It will happen soon though.

Gary is not only my therapist he has become a good friend, I urge all stroke survivors to try hypnosis.

If you had toothache you would not visit an optician, so hypnosis can suggest to the brain to make new connections.

It is working for me so why not others.

Give it a try, what have you got to lose?

David Storey

Retired Teacher.

Alistair Clarke Project Manager

Anxiety Testimonial

Tipping Point From Anxiety To Winning Confidence

“Tipping Point” From Anxiety To Winning Confidence On National TV

Tipping Point From Anxiety To Winning Confidence

I have to admit, when I first started talking to Gary I had a lot of confidence and anxiety issues for a couple of years. This stemmed from having a very controlling (and now ex) girlfriend. With this anxiety, I very much “retreated into my shell” and I had cut off a lot of my family and friends off because of this manipulation and controlling from her.

The most frustrating thing is, I knew I had the confidence on what to do and I knew what I wanted to do (I came from a loving and supportive family who would support me anything I wanted to do).

It was just knowing how to do it and deal with the consequences and always thinking of the ‘what if this happened’ with the ex and this was playing on my mind all the time.

Coupled with my work that I did not enjoy along side the stress of home life and work, I knew something had to be done for my long term health and well being.

After speaking to Gary, right from the get go, I felt so relaxed and felt that he ‘got me’ – he understood what I wanted to do and achieve and he could see there was something in me to achieve great things.

With Gary’s help and advice, I now feel like I can take anything on and my first step was appearing on a mainstream TV quiz show “Tipping Point” in front the cameras and millions of viewers, where I was feeling confident and actually won the show…

with £3,200 in the bank and a hot tub!

I am now working closely with Gary in my business and WHEN it is successful (it is more evidence, my confidence has really has come back)

I will be the first in line to shake Gary’s hand – thanks to his professionalism, help, support and patience.

I also class Gary a really great friend as well as my mentor and business coach.

Alistair Clarke


Winning Confidence On National TV

Winning Confidence On National TV

John davies Retired

I suffered from insomnia for some time. Although medication helped, I was waking up at the same time (3am) every morning and I could not go back to sleep.

I decided, somewhat sceptically to give hypnotherapy a try. After a couple of sessions with Gary I was able to sleep all night. After a few more sessions I was able to reduce my medication and am now sleeping well without any medication.

John Davies


Richard Kerr

Claustrophobia & Fear of Flying Testimonial

Richard Kerr July 2015

Having being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes complicated with glaucoma of the eyes, some 10 years ago.

I found the will power to loose 5 stone in weight, vastly improve my lifestyle and almost become diabetic free.

The nurse practitioner congratulated me on my achievements, and strength of character to deal with potentially very dangerous disease.

Two weeks later the consultant ophthalmologist at the university hospital of Wales gave me some bad news news.

The pressure have built up behind my eyes requiring injections, to stem the pressure to prevent on the onset of blindness in the future. I was devastated to say the least, I had done everything possible, gave up alcohol, healthy diet, regular exercise etc.

The only exception was the anxiety I felt when being in a confined space, this was compounded in 2006 when I was flying from Cardiff airport to Grand Canaria, I had to get off the plane due to claustrophobia.

This had been caused some years earlier when I had got stuck in a lift.

Every time I was in an enclosed space I fear and anxiety grew worse.

Something had to done, I contacted Gary out of desperation, made an appointment to see him within the week.

I felt really embarrassed as I knocked on his door, but I had to see It through.

After 10 mins all my embarrassment and fears where allayed, I felt really at ease with Gary.

I talked openly and candidly with Gary about my traumatic experience in the lift, the session began.

I won’t relate what happened next as this is a private matter between Gary and myself, but I can tell you that at one point I had a great feeling of relief, like a massive big weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

Gary informed me that I would not require another session as the root cause of my fear and anxieties, which was attributable to an event which happened in my early life at the age of four, the link had been broken.

Three months later the consultant at the hospital gave me the good news, the pressure behind my eyes had abated!!!

He said what ever you have done over the last three months keep doing it, he shook my hand and said I will see you again in six months which he did, the pressure was still dormant.

I can’t thank Gary enough, he truly has helped me transform my life.

He was extremely understanding, honest, discrete and a true professional.

I would thoroughly recommend Gary.

I sent my wife to him regarding a self esteem and weight issue, which he has dealt with and transformed her as well.

Richard Kerr Claustrophobia Cure Entering Secured Locked Down Area In Confined Space

Richard Kerr Claustrophobia Cure Entering Secured Locked Down Area In Confined Space

Aarron Stenner

IBS Anxiety Testimonial

"I came to Gary in July 2016 in hope of helping me overcome my anxiety and fear.

I had IBS for years which in return made my life hell as I was scared of no toilet access or I wouldn't make it to the toilet. I could only go to work and it was the cost of my relationship.

After each session I got better and better, I am now traveling more and when I am out I am in the now and not constantly looking for toilets or thinking about it.

I've even started University in September and attend Power Lifting competitions!

I can't thank Gary enough for what he has done for me."

Teresa Mcinerney

Fear of Flying Cure Testimonial

Teresa Mcinerney (Caerphilly) August 2014

My husband searched the Internet for an hypnotist as he was taking me on a cruise for my birthday as a surprise and he knew that my fear of flying would have spoiled the whole trip.

He rung Gary as he lives in our area and has a good reputation amongst professional sports people.

Gary took me through the process of what would happen while I was being hypnotised which eased me as I was a bit sceptical and nervous at first.

It is a surreal feeling.

You are aware of what is going on around you and you feel very, very relaxed.

I am so glad that I saw Gary as it erased all fears I had of flying.

Instead of dreading the usual trip to the airport I was looking forward to it.

I can’t praise Gary highly enough. If anyone out there has a fear of anything I recommend you have a sessions of hypnotherapy with Gary so you can get your life back.

I am now looking forward to our next holiday.

Thank you Gary.

Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying Cure Then Went On Holiday In The Mediterranean

Luke Greenhaf

Anxiety & Panic Attacks Testimonial

Watch Gary working with Luke using hypnotherapy in a anxiety cure session..

“Thanking you Gary for giving me my life back, my panic attacks are gone and finally a weight lifted from my shoulders…”

It is crazy how you can go from a confident outgoing personal trainer to a nervous wreck not being able to cope with the gym environment in such a short space of time.

The panic attacks got to the point where I would genuinely think I was dying and even drove my self to the hospital and stayed over night, “just to be told there is nothing wrong with me as its all in my head”.

All the doctors wanted to do was palm me off with prozac and send me on my way, but I didn’t want to hide my problems, I wanted to get rid of them for good.

I have always been a big believer in alternative therapies so I picked up my phone and typed in how to cure anxiety and there it was, Authentic Alignment. I didn’t hesitate to ring Gary and we had a good chat for about 30 minutes and then arranged to meet for a one-to-one session.

The first session I turned up and we had a good chat.

Gary is very easy to talk to and makes you feel at home before the session starts. I was shocked at how alert I still was during the session. I was expecting to fall asleep then wake up when its done, but you still have full control of your mind you just feel very heavy and sunk into the chair with total relaxation.

Then when the session is complete and you start to come around you feel amazing!!

It’s like waking up from the best sleep of your life.

I had 3 sessions all together 1 a week to cure a problem that I had been suffering with for over 8 months.

Every day you feel the weight lifting off your shoulders step-by-step the panic attacks disappear and then you don’t even remember what it used to feel like to suffer from anxiety. And while the anxiety is disappearing your original personality is filling its place so you can be your old self again.

"I would highly recommend giving hypnotherapy a chance and working with Gary, you won’t regret it and soon you will be praising him up just like I am now, as you would have been given your life back."

Luke Greenhaf

From Caerphilly.

Kelly Dean Health & Safety Auditor

Phobia Cure Testimonial

“How I finally had a 26 year hair phobia cured in less than 1 hour..”

Kelly Dean (Llantrisant)-Jan 2011

When I had a hair phobia which lasted 26 years I couldn’t do the simplest things brushing and washing my hair without the feeling of wanting to be sick.

It has only been the last couple of years I noticed my phobia getting worse.

It was getting to the point where I couldn’t even do the simplest things, such as clean my hair brush, I would sooner throw the brush away than touch the hair.

Even washing my hair became more of a chore, I would spend most of my time with towel dried hair to avoid having to touch it. What I really wanted was to have lovely long straight hair where I could enjoy spending time trying out different styles with extensions but I knew this would never be the case.

After spending time with Gary Kellett at Authentic Alignment, using hypnotherapy I discovered the reasons behind having my phobia. It steamed back from when I was 3 years of age where I actually touched my tonsils with a fork which made me sick.

Ever since I have associated that incident with hair.

I was so shocked to discover this, for 26 years I never believed I would ever be cured from this phobia.

Even after the hypnosis I wasn’t sure it worked until the first thing I did was put my hands through my hair. Now I can do all the things that were such a burden to me before and even have those hair extensions.

I feel like a new women.

Rosemary Watson-James Teaching Assistant

Weight Loss Testimonial

Female client from Cardiff 8th June 2012

I wish I had known about this 30 years ago! Going to see Gary has been life changing.

I am a 53 year old female who has had a “hate hate” relationship with my weight for over 30 years. I had thought about hypnotherapy for over 10 years, I have a friend who have gone to see a hypnotherapist to stop smoking and hasn’t had a cigarette since. Then another friend who had a phobia about needles and needed a huge amount of dental treatment had hypnotherapy and the difference was amazing!

I have tried more diets than I can count. Slimming club leaders have become friends I’ve been returning for so long! I’d loose anything between a stone and 4 stone but the weight always went back on. I would constantly be thinking about what I could eat, what was allowed, how much I could eat. Then more stress when I didn’t loose, we’d go out I’d drink and eat then feel guilty. The cycle continued.

After major knee surgery and being told that I needed to loose weight or a knee replacement would be needed within 2 years and knee replacement can sometime need replacing after10 years I made the phone call that has changed my life. I am so pleased I did and if by reading this it helps you I will be delighted.

After 12 weeks I have lost 3 stone with 2 stone to go. It has been almost effortless. I noticed the change after the first session, I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in 30 years, my husband informs me I no longer snore an added benefit!

The most amazing thing is I feel like a different person I’m not constantly thinking about what to eat –I no longer arrive home after a stressful day and eat whatever I can find before starting to prepare supper for 5. Maybe we eat a slightly healthier diet now but no one complains that the food is in anyway different to before I just eat much smaller portions and I stop eating when I’m full there is no longer the compulsion to eat everything on my plate! Food no longer stresses me.

One of the most amazing things after the hypnotherapy is the lack of stress I am sure I am a much nicer person to live with.

I started by listening to Gary’s’ recording every day I now listen 3 or 4 times a week when I feel my stress levels rising or I’m struggling I go to listen to the recording and my 22 year old daughter tells me I’m a different person when I return.

Going out and going away was challenging for the first time but it’s easy to make healthy choices I don’t feel as thought I’m loosing out.

I still have a glass of wine when I want and the majority of friends and family have been so encouraging and so thrilled with my success so far .

I know longer feel scared or stressed by the thought of putting the weight back on I know I wont The “fat” wardrobe has almost gone –with 2 stone still to go I know I can do it and know I will be able to cope with maintaining it when I get there .

I’ve shared this with many of my friends and colleagues all are fascinated some have made the call to Gary.

It’s the best thing I’ve done I’m not dieting I’m just loosing weight.

If you’re thinking about the hypno-diet talk to Gary –let it change your life like it has mine .

I’ll let you know when the last 2 stone has gone!!!

Sheila Kerr

Weight Loss Testimonial

"How I broke down in tears feeling mortified and embarrassed trying on a formal jacket size 24 for my mother-in-law's funeral, then quickly overcome anxiety and compulsive eating, losing 1 stone and 9 lbs in weight in just 7 weeks without any dieting, ever feeling hungry and finally feeling I have gained the mental strength to lose weight and keep it off... "

Sheila Kerr,Caerphilly (May 2016)

It was the 7th May 2016, I was shopping in Cardiff for a suitable outfit for my mother-in-laws funeral, after trying all of the department stores I couldn't find anything suitable for my size!

Until I went into Next I tried on a formal jacket suitable for the occasion, to my embarrassment it didn't fit, fortunately they had a size 24, I would not try it on, I was mortified I had never been this big in my life.

This really effected my self esteem, I compromised and bought a blouse and black trousers the safe option.

I didn't want to go to the funeral, I had let myself and even more importantly my husband and his family down, at this very sad occasion.

On the Sunday 8th May, my phone rang, I was with my mother, father and Richard, I answered the phone and it was Gary, I did not know that Richard had sent Gary an email the day after we had been shopping, Richard said it's Gary, go into the kitchen and speak to him.

I knew who Gary was, because Richard had consulted him some 10 months prior regarding phobias and anxiety issues that he had.

(I refer you to this Web site page for the case history Richard Kerr my husband cured of flying phobia and claustrophobia).

I broke down whilst on the phone with Gary, I explained everything regarding my weight problems and anxiety.

Gary reassured me and said he could definitely help me overcome these problems.

I made an appointment with him for the 10th May, 2 days prior to Richard's mother's funeral.

After speaking to Gary I felt a tremendous feeling of relief, at last I was getting help that I desperately needed.

Tuesday 10th May I went to see Gary, I was very anxious and nervous, Gary was my last chance, as l did not have the will power to stop comfort eating.

I went into Gary's office he made me feel relaxed and at ease, I know everything that I was about to tell him was in complete confidence.

The session began with him explaining in great detail how the mind works, which I found fascinating.

The hypnotherapy session began I was totally relaxed, some time later I come back to full consciousness.

I felt empowered like a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

This enabled me to go the funeral without feeling anxiety or embarrassment.

In fact, I had also lost 5 lbs in those 3 days.

I now had the self belief that I could regain my dignity.

Gary provided me with a cd to listen to called overcoming compulsive eating, which I found to be a great comfort and aid.

I listened to the cd everyday until my next session with Gary a week later, by that time I had lost 10 lbs in total.

After the session, Gary gave me another cd to listen too called stop eating in between meals.

My third session the following week I had lost 1 stone.

It's been 4 weeks since I have seen Gary, he has kept in touch the whole of the time and is always available for me to contact him.

I have lost 1 stone 9 lbs to date in 7 weeks.

The journey I have been on is a life style change which includes eating sensibly and healthy.

This is not a diet or quick fix, but a life changing experience.

I now have the mental strength and belief to maintain this life style.

I can comprehend how easy and natural this change has been, I feel very confident that I can maintain this life style and reach my goals in life.

I have tried and failed with all the diets, food regimes, weight watchers and slimming world clubs etc.

Some times you need profession help, which is exactly got from Gary.

A big massive thank you Gary for giving me my life back.

Lots of love Sheila Kerr.

If you’re thinking about losing weight naturally and safely without dieting or feeling hungry and want to feel confident,

then I recommend you call Gary now to talk about your options in strict confidence.

PS Photos of myself supplied before I went to see Gary and just 7 weeks after.

In this period I have lost 1st 9lbs.

My weight prior to seeing Gary was 15st 12lbs now it is 14st 3lbs.

Erdem Akbas

Anxiety Testimonial

Erdem was a student from Turkey he was studying in York University for a PHD.

He asked me for help overcoming anxiety while coming to the end of his thesis in his final, Erdem feared he would fail his PHD.

I helped him focus on his studies and gain confidence to successfully complete his doctorate.

Erdem achieved his dream, he now enjoys life teaching in a Turkish university and inspires his students.

Peter Junker

I was suffering with information overload in my business- Thinking "I know to much", which is a problem, because I didn´t listen to my customers pain and issues.

I was not able to get a proper structurer on how to do things successfully.

What I wanted to do was to build my own blueprint how I can help people with my existing skills.

Working with Gary gives me the possibility to have someone I can discus different subjects with.

Every time I have spoken with Gary things fall into place easily and I have even more success in my business and my customers now feel happy.

Craig Mills

My self confidence was completely low, it had hit rock bottom. I was getting the anxiety feeling in the chest area whenever among crowds of people and in most social situations

Anything I wanted, most importantly become the ultimate alpha male and feel totally confident and relaxed in any situation

Amazing, Gary's hypnosis made me feel as free as a bird

I was walking on air after each session with Gary, and you can too.